Urbee. The Amsterdam e-bike.

Why Urbee?

80% of car rides is shorter than 20 km. The electric bicycle is perfect for distances of 0 to 20 km.


    Reduce time and costs on traveling and parking.


    Reduce emissions and contribute to a more liveable city.

  3. happy and healthy

    Being active and outdoors.

How it works

  1. 1. BOOK

    Find an e-bike at one of the Urbee stations and book

    1. through the app

    2. online

  2. 2. UNLOCK

    Find your bicycle and open the smart lock with the received unlock code.

  3. 3. RIDE

    Visit tips for on the road to enjoy a carefree ride.

    Return the bicycle to the station you started at the end of your reservation.

Urbee Stations

Urbee Map Marker Legend ImageOpen Urbee station
Urbee Map Marker Legend ImageLimited access Urbee station
Urbee Map Marker Legend ImageStation opens soon

Tarieven zakelijk

Tarieven privé

Waarom Urbee?

80% van alle autoritten is korter dan 20 km. De elektrische fiets is perfect voor afstanden van 0-20 km.

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