5 benefits of e-biking to work

Commuting, it is a part of our daily lives. Most of us commute by car, public transport or bike. The e-bike also wins popularity for commuting. Check below the 5 biggest advantages you will experience when you make your daily work ride with an e-bike.


1. More and more commuters choose the e-bike

On a second place behind Denmark, the Dutch have the most active population of Europe. We cycle around fifteen billion kilometers every year in our country, from which a big part is recreational. For commuting more and more dutchies choose the bike above the car or public transport. Does cycling to work sounds tiring and impossible to you? Maybe you should try out an e-bike or even a speed pedelec. That last one will go to a maximum of 45 kilometers per hour!


2. With an e-bike, you’ll be faster at your work

An e-bike is not just faster than a regular bike. On some routes, an e-bike is even faster than a car. Until a distance of around 20 kilometers, an e-bike is perfect and often faster than any other form of mobility. With our Urbee shared e-bikes or personal e-bike subscriptions, it is also a lot cheaper than the average public transport subscription or a combination of fuel- and parking costs.


3. Cycling makes you more relaxed and more creative

Research shows that cycling commuters experience less stress. Cyclists think clearer, are more creative and feel better. To gain these benefits you have to cycle at least 20 minutes a day. Cycling is the secret recipe of Steve Jobs. He claims that ideas arise by going outside and moving your body. A lot of well-known writers feel the same way.

4. Get that summer body

Yes, an electric bicycle offers pedal assistance. You can cycle just that little bit easier and it feels like the wind is always in your favor. Is that why you burn fewer calories when riding an e-bike? Not necessarily. Because e-bikes make cycling easier, you can handle many more kilometers. In any case, you burn more calories on an electric bicycle than sitting in the car or in the train. A reason to feel less bad about that bag of chips you eat during the weekend 😉


5. Environment-friendly

In the era of plastic soup, trash packing and meatless Monday, we are all a bit more conscious about how we leave our planet behind. Sustainability became more of a hot topic over the last couple of years. We separate our trash, choose companies that do sustainable business and are aware of fast fashion. By your choice of mobility, you can also contribute to a better environment. Increasingly more cars and busses drive electric, but the daily commutes still cause lots of CO2 emissions. Therefore you should consider an e-bike for your daily commutes. For distances around 20 kilometers, an e-bike is a perfect, environment-friendly alternative. According to Milieu Centraal, you burden the environment 40 times less if you commute with an e-bike instead of a car. That’s good for the environment and good for you!


After reading this I can imagine you want nothing but to go commuting by e-bike! Lucky you, you can check your closest Urbee e-bike station on our map here and try it out! Prefer your personal e-bike? Check here which subscription works best for you.