We place our e-bikes free of charge, if possible in existing bicycles stations. Urbee is care free, we manage bookings, customer service, maintenance and more, no worries about any hassle for your organization.
All an Urbee e-bike asks for is a place to stay, a roof above its head, and power connection.
More information about becoming a Urbee station? Feel free to contact us or fill in the form below.

+31 20 26 16 414


The Urbee Park & Charge bike racks are designed for our e-bikes in order to simplify charging it and locking it to a fixed object. These are designed so that other bikes will not be placed in these racks.

The Park & Charge bike racks are a perfect solution if you already have a covered spot and an outside electricity connection. The price of these state of the art bike racks are €100,- per bike which includes installation costs.

Specifics Park & Charge (for two bikes):

  • 86,1 cm width
  • 112,15 cm depth
  • 30 cm height


The Urbee Box is designed for locations who do not have a covered spot, but do have space for Urbee e-bikes. It is an all in one solution which includes the Park & Charge bike racks. It is an off the rack solution including the Park & Charge bike recks, that only needs to be connected to a power source.

The modular designed Urbee Box is suitable for four e-bikes. It is possible to attach several boxes, to meet your demands. The costs for these boxes are

Specifics Urbee Box (four e-bikes):

  • 189 cm widht
  • 220 cm depth
  • 235 cm hight

Join the Urbee e-bike network

Are you an owner of real estate, a company or do you manage office buildings and do you want to offer an alternative on the car or public transport? Join the Urbee network and experience the benefits of the e-bike.
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