From €1,- per hour with a business or private subscription

Our ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible by replacing car traffic with electrical bicycles.

The more Urbee e-bikes on the road, the more we can reduce CO2 emissions together.

We aim to get as many people as possible ride a bicycle as much as possible for the lowest price we can offer.

Business rates

Choose between pay per use or low rates with subscription.

Private rates

Choose between pay per use or low user rates with a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription.

All employees bike for a fixed rate per month of € 1,- per hour, € 5,- per day or
€ 10,- per weekend.

For € 5,- per month € 1,- per hour, € 7,50 per day or € 15,- per weekend.

Perfect for commuting. After work, take your e-bike home and bring it back to its station the next day.

Or take it home for the weekend and bring it along to work on Monday morning.

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