Free e-bikes at your doorstep?

We place our e-bikes free of charge, if possible in existing bicycles stations. Urbee is care free, we manage bookings, customer service, maintenance and more, no worries about any hassle for your organization.
All an Urbee e-bike ask for is a place to stay, a roof above its head, and a power socket.
More information about becoming a Urbee station? Feel free to contact us:
  • Tel: +31 20 26 16 414
  • mail:

Join the Urbee e-bike network

Are you an owner of real estate, a company or do you manage office buildings and do you want to offer an alternative on the car or public transport? Join the Urbee network and experience the benefits of the e-bike.
For more information we kindly ask you to fill in the form bellow and we contact you as soon as possible.

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