How does Urbee work?

No longer a physical key, open the smart lock with the unlock code received after booking an e-bike.

Urbee step by step

  1. 1. SIGN UP

    Create an Urbee account

    1. Download the Urbee App

    2. Sign up online

    After admission from Urbee, you will receive your login details.


    Opt for a fixed hourly rate or a lower rate with subscription.

    1. Business rates

    2. Private rates

  3. 3. BOOK

    Find your preferred Urbee station and book

    1. Via the Urbee app

    2. Via Urbee online

  1. 4. UNLOCK

    You will receive your bicycle number and unlock code via email or push notification.

    Find your e-bike and open the smart lock with the received unlock code.

  2. 5. RIDE

    Enjoy the ride. Visit tips onderweg for a carefree e-bike ride.

    Before the end of your reservation return the e-bike to the station you started.

  3. 6. CHECK

    E-bike locked and charger plugged in?

    Prevent a €10,- administration fee by returning your bicycle correctly and on time.

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