Urbee step by step

  1. 1. SIGN UP

    Create an Urbee account

    1. Download the Urbee App

    2. Sign up online if you have an e-bike with a number lock

  2. 2. Find your bike

    Find an Urbee e-bike via the app

  3. 3. BOOK

    Select a station and an e-bike in the app to make a booking.

  1. 4. UNLOCK

    Bluetooth lock: Slide the button in the app to green to unlock your e-bike. The app will show you which bike number is yours.

    Number lock: You will receive your bicycle number and unlock code via email or push notification.

  2. 5. RIDE

    Enjoy the ride. Visit tips on the road for a carefree e-bike ride.

    Return the e-bike to the station you started before you end your booking.

  3. 6. CHECK

    Always double lock your e-bike to an fixed object with the chain lock. To keep the bikes charged make sure to plug in the charger at the station.

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