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If you want to have access to your own Urbee e-bike, choose Urbee One, your personal e-bike subscription.

You can rent an Urbee e-bike from €110,- per month. Your subscription is monthly terminable.

In case of a defect you can change your Urbee e-bike free of charge at the Urbee service location. For a carefree riding experience your subscription will always be included with the theft & damage module.


To enjoy a carefree ride the theft & damage module will standard be included in your subscription, so you don't have to worry.

Additional options

  1. BIKE CHANGE at home

    From € 30,- per month

  2. EXTRA battery

    € 30,- per month

All prices are excl. VAT


With this service we bring the Urbee e-bike to you and we provide maintenance at any desired location:

  • Within Amsterdam (€ 30,- per month)
  • Outside Amsterdam is currently not available

The maintenance of the Urbee e-bike is only done by us. Service at our service location (Keienbergweg 26) is included in the URBEE ONE subscription. Without the Urbee service you are responsible for bringing the bike to our service location (Keienbergweg 26).


You can rent an extra battery for €30,- per month. This allows you to charge one at home while using the Urbee e-bike.


The following frequently asked questions serve as a summary to highlight some important terms as found in the terms and conditions.

Monthly terminable

Renewal of the monthly subscription happens each 1st day of the month. Termination of the contract can be done per the 1st day of a month with a minimum notice period of 5 calendar days. The e-bike can be returned on appointment after contacting Urbee at support@urbee.nl.

When returning the e-bike, all outstanding invoices need to be paid, so that we can refund you the surplus amount paid in the first invoice.

In case of termination of the contract, the e-bike must be returned before the 1st of the month. If not returned in time, there are daily fees involved (0-14 days €5,-/day, 15-30 days €15,-/day). After 30 days the e-bike will be reported stolen and an additional fee of €250,- will be charged.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your Urbee One subscription, you can send an e-mail to support@urbee.nl in order to make an appointment. An appointment will be made with you in order to return the bike and additional accessoires on time.

You can cancel with up to 5 calender days notice before the renewal of the next month takes place.

What if I want to rent the e-bike for a few more days?

If you would like to make use of the e-bike for a few additional days, you can return the e-bike a bit later. Additional fees apply depending on how much longer you keep the e-bike.

  • Per additional day from the 1st of the month until the 14th of the month: €5,- (excl. VAT) per day.
  • Per additional day the bike has not been returned after 14 days after agreed termination of the contract: €15,- (excl. VAT) per day.
  • If the bike has not been returned after 30 days of agreed termination, we are forced to declare a report at the police and charge a fee of €250,- (excl. VAT).

How do I lock my Urbee bike?

You are required to always lock the bike with both the key lock and with the chain lock to a fixed object. If you fail to do so, you risk a fine of €10,- (ex VAT) per instance.

My bike needs service!

Don't worry, we will fix it for you! If your bike is malfunctioning, you can make an appointment with us to get your bike repaired or replaced free of charge at our service location (Keienbergweg 26, Amsterdam). We can only help you when an appointment is confirmed. To make an appointment, e-mail support@urbee.nl.

Additionally, you can choose to take the extra service of getting service done at your door. Please read on for this changing service.

When can I expect my bike to be fixed?

We aim to get your riding again within 1 or 2 working days, wich a maximum of 5 working days depending on the demand.

Can I get my bike fixed at home?

Yes, by selecting Changing Service Amsterdam or Changing Service Netherlands, we can also visit you at your most convenient address. Generally twice per week our drivers will have the chance to visit you. A minimum of 4 months counts when selecting this service, regardless of the rental period of the personal e-bike.

Just a one time pick-up on location? You may choose to have your e-bike delivered for €75,- (excl. VAT) in Amsterdam or €125,- (excl. VAT) in the Netherlands.

What is the Theft and Damage Module?

Your subscription will standard be including a theft & damage modele agianst theft and damage of the bike.

In case of theft, the costs will be reduced to a maximum of €95,- (excl. VAT) on the condition that you locked the bike properly (both normal lock and the chain lock to a fixed object), you are able to hand in both keys and you have sent us a police report of the theft on which the framenummer of the bike is included.

In case of damage, your costs will be reduced to a maximum of €95,- (excl. VAT) for the repair of the bike parts. This will only apply if the damage is not caused by negligence of the user.

How do I pay?

The monthly invoice is sent out each 1st of the month and payment must occur within the 14 days that follow. Failing to do so will result in a late pay fee and the involvement of a Debt Collection Agency, which will result in additional fees.

Currently you receive invoices without automatic payment, in the T&C you agreed with payment through direct debit. You will receive a request for direct debit authorization. In order to continue with Urbee One, you need to authorize Urbee to collect the invoices through direct debit. Without this authorization Urbee is allowed to cancel the contract. Please make sure you have sufficient funds at the 1st of the month so the monthly payment can be collected. In case of insufficient funds or a declined direct debit a fee of €10,- per event will be charged.

When do I get my deposit back?

You will receive your deposit back after the contract has been terminated and the bicycle including all accessories has been returned to Urbee in the same condition as it was received.

General terms and conditions

The customer may not make any adjustments to the bicycle, the bicycle must be returned in the same condition as it was received.

The bicycle may not be repaired by third parties, only Urbee will repair the bicycle. Urbee can only provide you with service if an appointment for service has been confirmed and you have paid all invoices.

Urbee one is a bike for personal use. The bike may only be used by yourself. When the bicycle is used by someone else, Urbee has the right to terminate the contract and the bike must be returned.

Can I park and charge my bike at an Urbee station?

Your e-bike rented through Urbee One may not be parked at an Urbee station or be charged there. These spots are only meant for the Urbee shared e-bikes. If we take notice of your personal Urbee e-bike being wrongfully parked you will get a fine of € 25,- (excl. VAT).

We will remain to apply our rights to collect your Urbee one at any time if not locked correctly or if wrongfully parked to prevent extra costs or ensure the preservation of our assets.

Additional fees

Bike theft

In case of theft, you will be charged €1695,- (excl. VAT) unless:

  1. The theft and damage module is selected.
  2. The original keys are handed in and a report to the police (including the frame number) has been received.

Lost keys

With the loss of keys, we will charge € 35, - per key (excl. VAT). These costs include administration and service costs.

Appointment Cancellation

In case of questions you can contact Urbee via support@urbee.nl. Do not call the Urbee customer service number, they cannot help you and will ask you to send your request by email. We will answer or contact you on short notice.
If you have an appointment with Urbee and you cannot make it (in time), please let us know in time. In case of a no show without cancellation a fee of €35,- will be charged.


Nobody is waiting for extra costs, therefore make sure you always double lock your e-bike and park it in the right place. Click here and read this document carefully before signing up.

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