Prevent a fine; cycle handsfree with Urbee

Since the 1st of July 2019, you can get a fine for using or holding electronic devices. These devices are, for example, mobile phones, tablets, navigation devices, and music players. Handsfree usage of these devices is allowed, as long as you don’t create dangers traffic situations for yourself and others.


Dutch newspapers already wrote about the introduction of the MONO-campaign in September 2018. MONO is the name of the campaign against mobile use in traffic. The campaign started because of the significant increase in accidents with a mobile device in traffic over the past few years.

The MONO-campaign is comparable with the Dutch BOB-campaign against alcohol use in traffic. Rijkswaterstaat, ANWB, Veilig Verkeer Nederland, Fietsersbond and telecom providers are working together on this campaign that will last at least 10 years. MONO stands for ‘Mobile No’, but also for ‘one’. Simply because whilst being in traffic you can only do one thing at a time and accidents can happen quickly.


Since the beginning of the MONO-campaign, the focus has been mainly on automobile drivers. However, from now on you can also get a €95,- fine if the police see you using or holding your phone or other electronic device whilst riding a bike. When you are standing still you can use your device. Handsfree usage of electronic devices is also allowed. You can use your phone completely handsfree on our Urbee e-bikes. You can attach your phone to the X-GRIP that is mounted to your steering wheel and listen to music or navigate without any trouble. Important note: with listening to music it is important that you can hear ambient noise. So either just wear one earplug or turn down the volume.

How can I ride MONO?
As a road user in or on a vehicle, you can no longer use or hold electronic devices. This applies to all vehicles, from cars to bikes and from tram drivers to drivers from vehicles for disabled. If you participate in traffic without controlling a vehicle, it is allowed to use your device. For example if you are walking or riding a horse. Even if you don’t control a vehicle, you can not cause dangerous situations due to using your device. You can find more specific information on the website of the Rijksoverheid.

There are different ways to ride MONO:

  • Handfree or with earplugs in (still being able to hear ambient sound)
  • Put your phone in your bag or in a different place where it’s not within reach
  • Text before you leave that you are on your way and therefore won’t react to messages
  • Put your phone on silent or flight mode
  • Install your phone to not receive messages whilst driving. You can check below how to do this for your phone type: