Free e-bikes in front of your door

Get to your appointment with no sweat and traffic jams.
We place the e-bikes cost free, no worries about any hassle for your organization. All Urbee asks for is a place to stay, a roof above it's head and a power connection.
No more finding bikes
They are in front of your door
Free maintenance
We provide the best quality
Always fully charged
Ready to go!
Park & charge bike racks
The Urbee Park & Charge bike racks are designed to make locking and charging of the e-bikes as easy as possible.
Urbee box
The Urbee Box is specially designed for locations that don't have a covered roof for the e-bikes. They are ready to go including Park & Charge bike racks and only need a power connection

De Urbee e-bike

Gemak is het sleutelwoord
1. Bluetooth slot
Open je fiets met een simpele slide
2. Accu tot 40/80 km
Met een volledig opgeladen accu fiets je 40-80 km
3. X-grip
Maak handsfree gebruik van je mobiel met de X-grip
4. Laadt je mobiel op
Je laad je telefoon simpel op via de USB lader in het stuur
5. Draagrek
Neem je spullen gemakkelijk mee
Read before you ride

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