For a carefree time, read before you ride.

Book & Go

Find your nearest station in the app. Make sure your phone is connected to Bluetooth and internet and click 'hire now'. The app will provide you with the perfect e-bike. Unlock easily through the app & enjoy the ride!

Functioning of the Bluetooth lock


Your booking starts form the moment you confirm your e-bike in the app. You can unlock the e-bike by turning on Bluetooth and swiping the slider in the app to green.


Remove the chain lock from the lock. Attach the chain around or to a fixed object and plug it back into the lock. Lock the e-bike by hand. Make sure to always double lock the e-bike to a fixed object. Between the ride you can always lock your bike using the slide button in the app switching it to red.

End booking

Do you want to end your booking? Lock your e-bike at the correct station and click 'end booking' after locking the bike properly. Always double lock the e-bike to an fixed object.

Urbee bicycles are electric


You can cycle with or without support. For support, push the top right on/off button on the left side of the display on the bicycle steer. To change the level of support, press the plus or minus button on the display.

There are 9 support levels, level 0 to 8. Level 0 gives no support. Level 7 and 8 are very powerful and suitable for slopes and rough conditions. Only use level 7 and 8 with experience and on non-slippery days.

The maximum support is 25 km/h.


With a fully charged battery you can ride 40-80 km with support, depending on your driving habits, resistance, temperature and the degree of support. Biking with an empty battery is also possible. Would you like to have a full battery? Make sure to always plug in the charger after use.


To turn on the lights, switch on the display by pushing the top right on/off button. For the lights press the same button again. If the display is already on, press the on/off button just once. In the left upper corner, the display will show if the lights are on (lights icon) or off (no icon).

Walk assist

Walking up a slope with your bicycle by hand? Use walk assist.

Press and hold the plus-button while holding the steering wheel tightly and the engine starts. You will see an walking icon next to the speed level on the display. When you release the plus-button the support stops.

With walk assist the maximum speed is 6 km/h.

With walk assist, always keep the left hand near the handbrake.


Check your e-bike

Always check your e-bike before use. In case of a defect bicycle, there will be grace period of 5 minutes in which you can return the e-bike free of charge. Report the issue through the 'report a problem' button in the app. You can find this bellow your reservation in the Urbee application.

Please remember that the Urbee e-bike is also a normal bike you can ride without electricity. Are you really not able to bring the bicycle back to the starting station and are you in need of roadside assistance? Call customer service: +31 85 06 53 428.


Smartphone navigation

A universal smartphone holder is attached to every Urbee e-bike. For a safe ride, you can use your navigation while keeping your hands on the bicycle steer.

With your phone placed in the smartphone holder you can make use of your preferred navigation system to reach your destination as efficiently as possible.

Charge via USB

Charge while riding

You can charge your phone through the USB-port which is attached to the bicycle steer.
You can find the USB-port on the bottom of the display.


The bicycle bell

The bell is integrated in the left handbreak. Use your index finger to ring the bell.

Safety first!

First time on an e-bike?

Or is it wet or slippery? Use support only up to level 6.
Walking with your e-bike? Turn on walk assist or turn of the support to prevent the bicycle from riding automatically.
Standing still at a traffic light? Turn off support or use the left-hand brake.

How does an Urbee bike work?

The Urbee bike is supported by an electric motor. Therefore cycling is less exhausting and with an average speed of 27 km per hour you're much faster than a regular bike. For more explanation about the use of our e-bike click here.

How do I lock my Urbee bike?

Remove the plug chain from the lock. Press a button and close the lock. Always try to lock the chain to a fixed object and insert the plug into the lock.

How can I extend my reservation?

To extend your reservation, you must go to the application on your phone. If you are on the application, please go to your reservation. When you are there you can change the reservation at the top right. Now you can extend the reservation. For a clear roadmap click here.

How can I cancel my reservation?

To cancel your reservation, you must go to the application on your phone. If you are on the application, please go to your reservation. When you are there you can change the reservation at the top right. Now you can cancel the reservation. Reservations must be cancelled at least one hour before the booking. For a clear roadmap click here.

For how long can I reserve an Urbee bike?

You can reserve the Urbee bike for a maximum of 7 days. However, it is possible to extend the reservation if you want to use the Urbee bike for a period of time.

Is it possible to charge the Urbee bike at home?

It is not possible to charge the Urbee bike at home. To charge the Urbee bike you have to bring it back to the station from where you got it.

How long does a full battery last?

With a full battery, you can cycle on average between 60 and 100 kilometers depending on your driving behavior.

Where can I return my bike?

The Urbee bikes must always be returned to the same station from where you got it.

Are there different sized Urbee bikes?

The Urbee bike comes in one universal size

How to turn on the electric support?

The display on the lefthand side of the steering wheel allows you to turn on the electric support. First you need to take off the protective cover and then turn on the display by entering the on-button in the top left corner. Now you are able to manually choose the level off support by pressing the + or - button (levels 0-8). Enjoy the ride!

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