Questions about Urbee

Why Urbee?

Urbee aims for a more sustainable city with less CO2 emissions. We want to do this with a share bike system of e-bikes. 80% of car rides is shorter than 20 km. The Urbee e-bike is perfect for distance of 0 to 20 km.

How it works

We provide Urbee e-bikes in Amsterdam and you may use them. Want to join? Sign up trough Urbee online or the Urbee app, choose your station and reserve an e-bike. For more information click here.

What is the difference between Urbee and other sharing bikes?

The big difference with other share bikes is that the Urbee e-bike always need to be returned to the assigned start station after the reservation. This ensures that our e-bike will not be stalled at random places. In this way our bikes will not occupy any bicycle racks for a long period, which keeps our city liveable for everybody.

How to become an Urbee station?

Becoming an Urbee station is very easy. We place e-bikes in exchange for a spot and electricity. For more information click here.

Other questions?

If you have more questions click here.

Questions about usage

How does an Urbee bike work?

The Urbee e-bike is supported by an electric motor. Therefor cycling is less exhausting and with an average speed of 25 km per hour your way faster than a regular bike. For more explanation about the use of our e-bike click here.

How do I lock my Urbee bike?

Remove the plug chain from the lock. Press any button and close the lock. Always lock the chain to a fixed object and insert the plug into the lock.

How can I extend my reservation?

Extending your reservation is only possible with a business subscription or when you use the pre-authorized payment method. For a clear roadmap of how to extend the reservation click here.

How can I cancel my reservation?

To cancel your reservation, you must go to the application on your phone. If you are on the application, please go to your reservation. When you are there you can change the reservation at the top right. Now you can cancel the reservation. Reservations must be cancelled at least one hour before the booking. For a clear roadmap click here.

For how long can I reserve an Urbee bike?

You can reserve the Urbee bike for a maximum of 7 days. However, for those who use the business subscription or the pre-authorized payment method, it is possible to extend the reservation. Please notice that during your reservation it is your own responsibility to make sure that the bike is charged.

Is it possible to charge the Urbee bike at home?

It is not possible to charge the Urbee bike at home. To charge the Urbee bike you have to bring it back to the station from where you got it.

How long does a full battery last?

With a full battery, you can cycle on average between 50 and 80 kilometers depending on your driving behavior and weather conditions.

Where can I return my bike?

The Urbee bikes must always be returned to the same station from where you got it.

Are there different sized Urbee bikes?

The Urbee bike comes in one universal size

How to turn on the electric support?

The display on the lefthand side of the steering wheel allows you to turn on the electric support. First you need to take off the protective cover and then turn on the display by entering the on-button in the top left corner. Now you are able to manually choose the level off support by pressing the + or - button (levels 0-8). Enjoy the ride!

Is there an online folder?

Yes there is! Click here for the folder

Questions about payment

Why a payment of €0,01 via iDeal?

The payment of €0,01 activates the preauthorized payment. The preauthorized payment is a method that gives you the opportunity to extend and cancel your reservation more easily.

How does the preauthorized payment work?

Through the one-time payment with iDeal, you authorize us to incur through automatic collection. This is how the payment works for the reservations. This makes the booking process faster, safer and easier.

Where is the PIN code for?

In the app, you can easily confirm all next reservations with a self-chosen PIN code. As a result, you do not have to pay through iDeal, VISA or MasterCard again for any reservation. With the first reservation you need to enter a PIN code. This code will be your personal PIN for all reservations.

How do I install the preauthorized payment?

For a clear schedule for setting up preauthorized payment, click here.

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