URBEE ONE. Your own Urbee e-bike

Your own Urbee e-bike for €100,- per month!

  1. no Key money

  2. monthly terminable

  3. free bike exchange

Do you want to ride on your own Urbee e-bike, then subscribe now for €100,- per month.

The subscription is monthly terminable and ensures you an always working electric bike.

In case of theft, defects or other issues we give you a new Urbee e-bike.

Additional options

  1. Bike insurance

    € 5,- per month

  2. Pick-up service at home

    € 20,- per month

  3. EXTRA battery

    € 30,- per month

Prices are excluded from VAT.

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Are you interested in the lease subscription? Please fill in the form bellow. We will contact you as soon as possible and make an appointment for you to pick-up your own Urbee e-bike!

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Additional Options


With the Urbee subscription you will receive a charger and battery key. In this way you are able to charge your bike at home and work so you can assure a fully charged battery. With a fully charged battery you are able to cycle between the 50 and 80 kilometers with electric assistance.

Do you cycle more than these distances? You can rent an extra battery for €30,- per month.


For a service check (approximately two times), in case of defect or bike theft you are able to swap your bike for a new one without any additional costs.


Would you like to make use of our pick-up service? No problem!

For the pick-up service we have the following options:

  • Transfer in Amsterdam is €75,- or €20 per,- month.
  • Transfer out of Amsterdam is €125,- or €30,- per month.

You are able to swap your bike as often as you like, provided that there is a good reason for this.


Carefree enjoy our Urbee e-bike? For €5,- a month your bike is insured for damage and theft.

Click here for the terms and conditions.

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