Your own Urbee e-bike

Always in control
You can rent your personal Urbee e-bike from €99 a month including VAT. With this subscription you can charge your e-bike wherever and whenever you want.
Flexible contract
No strings attached, terminable whenever you want
Repair service
Free repair service in the Urbee workshop
Insurance cover
In case of theft or damage
Extra battery
Optional if you choose Urbee One XL

The Urbee e-bike

Convenience is the keyword
1. Bluetooth lock
Open your bike with the simple slide
2. Battery up to 40/80 km
With fully charged battery you can cycle up to 40-80 km
3. X-grip
Use your phone handsfree with the X-grip
4. Charge your mobile
Simply charge your phone via the USB charger on the handlebars
5. Bike rack
Perfect for holding your bag
Read before you ride


Incl. VAT

Rather a shared e-bike? Read our terms and conditions
Urbee Professional
Your personal e-bike
Per month
Urbee XL
For heavy usage
Per month
I am looking forward to my cycle to work! The RijnWaalpad between Nijmegen and Arnhem is perfect for my Urbee and I can make some speed. I also take my Urbee with me to fitness on the other side of the city, for which I used my car previously.
Stephanie M.
Urbee gebruiker
I have been using Urbee e-bikes since a month. User friendly bikes. The app works fine. If I encounter a problem by booking it’s easy to switch to another bike immediately. The quality of the bike is outstanding. City use beats all the other traffic. Even made a very relaxing bike ride to Zandvoort and back from Amsterdam.
Bertram Hofmann
Urbee gebruiker